Image of Power Drill Buffing Attachment

Power Drill Buffing Attachment


We don't want you to work too hard! So we are offering a drill brush! This brush has extremely hard-wearing bristles and can be used in a drill to buff wax to a hard, high gloss finish. Can be used on all electric drills. Great for spindles!

Apply wax with a rag or wax brush. Wax should be dry enough to polish in just a few minutes. Use this round drill brush to buff and polish your furniture to a shine!

*Apply a small amount of wax with a rag or wax brush (about a quarter size dollop to cover a 2-3 sq. foot area). Use the buffing brush to polish and bring up the shine. If necessary, tilt the brush to 45 degrees and use the sides of the bristles. If you use too much wax, the brush may leave visible brush marks. The trick is "little wax"....and side of brush if necessary.

* A small amount of bristle shedding is expected.