Why Websters

Websters Chalk Paint Powder™ was created to answer the need for affordable chalk paint. Months and months of research went into creating a product that could be added to regular latex paint ~any brand, any color. The folks at Websters were trying to create a product that would eliminate the need for most sanding and priming - a paint that STUCK beautifully yet sanded smooth; a durable surface that was also “soft”. Plus, it had to be a healthy, all natural alternative to the home made recipes for chalk paint people were starting to use. The result? Websters Chalk Paint Powder™! 

And if that wasn't enough, Websters teams up with Fiddes & Sons Wax! 

We've tried lots of different soft paste waxes and Fiddes is definitely our first choice for finishing chalk paint creations! It has so many positive attributes that make it the perfect chalk paint partner: 

  • Dries harder and faster!
  • Only stinks a little...with the occasional whiff of honey!
  • Affordable! Won’t break our budget on the wax and a little goes a LONG way, especially with the dark colors!
  • Can be used on bare or painted surfaces!
  • Can be applied with a rag or a brush, no special tools needed.
  • We make ours last longer and extend “play time” by sitting it in the sun and melting it first….no waste from “chunks” dropping onto the floor.
  • Toluene FREE! (This is what is NOT in Fiddes)

We are so excited to introduce you to Websters and Fiddes and can't wait for you to  try them!